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FertiNeem is an organical fertilizer approved for ecological agriculture by: Organic Farmers and Growers (UK), OMRI (USA) and EcoCert. It is widely used in sustainable agriculture and can also be applied in horticulture.

Used when plowing, or mixed in the soil, FertiNeem naturally acts like a widespread defense mechanism which has effect against a wide variety of phytonematodes and insects - soil diseases, also improving root development, plant and harvest increase. This double effect of FertiNeem, as a fertilizer and repellent makes it one of first choice input for every farmer.

Ecological Advantages

  • 100% organic nutrient which enhances productivity, health and soil fertility. Applied on the crops FertiNeem offers a wide variety of essential nutrients, prevents and treats plant nutrition diseases caused by the lack or macro and micronutrients imbalances.
  • Nutrients are are released in the soil evenly and for a log period of time (this effect is not seen in conventional fertilizers). This leads to a high nutrients absorption by the plant and improved crops.
  • Actively increases plant growth and leaves growth, resulting in an abundant blossom and strenghtened root. 
  • Crop protection against damage caused by insects and diseases found in the soil, fungus, bacteria and nematodes, reducing the numbers of this pathogen microorganisms.
  • When mixed in the soil, lowers the soil alkalinity by producing organic acids. Calcium and magnesium contained in this product also helps in reducing the soil alkalinity.
  • Acts like an excellent inhibitor of nitrification and ensures controlled release of the necessary nitrogen which is very important during the crucial growth stage. Mixed with chemical fertilizers (UREE, DAP, etc) the necessary dose can be reduced up to 30%. - Help and develops soil beneficial microflora and fauna population.
  • FertiNeem is harmless to earth worms, even increasing its number with approximately 20%.

Instructions for use

Used mixed with the soil or with plowing offers better results then applied on the surface. It can be allies with any type of spreader. Depth of incorporation is 10-15 cm. FertiNeem can be used alone as a fertilizer ar combined with any organic fertilizer. Mixed with chemical fertilizers the recommended dose in 10-25%. The quantity of chemical fertilizer must be gradually reduced. Dosage 25 kg bags 1 tone big bags Storage conditions Store in a cold, dry and covered place. It is recommended to avoid storage under direct sunlight.

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