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Bio Roots Agro

BioRoots Agro Biologic product for the root system, destined for crops: cereals, maize, technic plants, sunflower, rape, etc.

BioRoots Agro is a biological liquid treatment for plants; application of this product is destined for that plant of the plant wich is below the soil level.

Microorganism are virtually everywhere in the soil, water, compost, plants. BioRoots Agro stimulates growth of microorganismns in the soil benefiting root development by clearly improving it’s environment. Increased number of microorganisms lead to an incresed absorption of nutrients, as well as fertilizers that are used in parallel. This is proven by the diference observed in the structure of the roots in all plants treated with BioRoots Agro by comparison with the ones not treated.

The root environment is less exposed to different soil diseases; furthermore this product has an inhibitory effect on pathogen mold. Concerning viruses, we can say that our product eliminates it; in most cases the virus is removed for the entire season.In the likelihood of the appearance of viruses its effects are significantly reduced compared to the situation in wich plants are not treated with BioRoots Agro.


Bio Rootz Agro is made from extracts,100% natural plant and fruit oils. All the raw materials come from an ecological closed cycle, produced without synthetic or chemical agents orfertilizers.

Available in 10, 20 and 1000 liters

bio roots agro

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