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BioSeed Agro

BioSeed Agro is a liquid organic product used for grain seed treatment. It’s mechanism of fungicid action stimulates the plant natural mechanism of defense. In addition it helps the seed germinate obtaining maximum results and in the first stage of development, ensures a accelerated plant growth, 30-40% more vigurous compared to the untreathed.

In wheat crops it fights off fusarium (Fusarium spp.) and normal blight, and in barley combates tearing of the leaves (Pyrenophora graminea) qnd flying blight (Ustilago Noda).

After product testing it was scientifically proven that it activates a series of plants natural mechanisms of defence. These mechanisms are triggered by the application of natural composits of the product, like natural molecules (generically named SDN - Substances des Defences Naturelles) of S metil acibenzolar type (benzothiadiazol - known as Actogard or Bion), vegetal extracts.

bioseed agro

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BAC Fulvic 25

BAC Fulvic 25 is a 100% natural soil breeder, in the form of humic and fulvic acid.

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Bio Roots Agro

BioRoots Agro Biologic product for the root system, destined for crops: cereals, maize, technic plants, sunflower, rape, etc. 

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Bio Leafz Agro

Biological foliar product for agriculture: cereals, corn, technical plants, sunflower, etc. Bio Leafz Agro is a liquid foliar treatment for plants.

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