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Bio Leafz Agro

Biological foliar product for agriculture: cereals, corn, technical plants, sunflower, etc. Bio Leafz Agro is a liquid foliar treatment for plants,the application of which is addressed to the surface part of the plant. It’s a natural product obtained entirely from plant extracts.

Bio Leafz Agro contains the whole range of nutrients in a biological balanced proportion; macro and microelements (biodegradable and water dissolvable), active biological substances essential to plants and capable to increase enough the plant’s fertility.

How it works

Having in its composition a natural protean enzyme mixture, Bio Leafz Agro assures nitrogen absorption from the atmosphere (where the proportion is 78%) through stimulating the activity of present micro-organisms in leaves. It improves the way it receives and circulates the in the plant - because the plant will get the nutrients in a higher quantity than usual, therefore the natural resistance will increase significantly. As a result, the plant is less exposed to disease, pests or other unfavorable external conditions.The leaves and also the flowers and fruits will be visibly healthier, stronger, resulting in plant superior quality and superior crops.

Treated with Bio Leafz Agro, the leaves assimilate gradually the quantity of nutrients and the appropriate quantities for plant’s growth. Ensuring the optimal necessary of nutrients increases the effectiveness of fertilization, because it will lead to larger and higher quality productions, using less quantities of foliar stimulators. This way, the fertilization cost decreases and so does protecting the environment.

bio leafz agro

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